Vaping is the word of the year. Yes, electronic cigarettes have been around for over a decade but it's only this year they have been shown the attention and support they deserve. We've been bombarded with brilliant ex-smoker stories, telling us how they've kicked the deathly habit using just the ecigs; as well as the weird ones, like this one here:

collapsed lung 

Don't get me wrong; in a perfect World we wouldn't need vaporizers to give up. But we don't live in a perfect world, and so far, electronic cigarettes are the best way to stop smoking. So if you have had enough of that disgusting smell, cough, breathlessnes, .... (and the list goes on!) give them a try. Let us explain the vaping procedures before you do. 

Some other beginner's guides recommend starting off with an analog e-cigarette first. To be perfectly honest with you - I tried it a few times before and they did nothing for me. Up until I tried the second generation electronic cigarette I didn't think ecigs can help you to quit smoking at all. But don't get discouraged by that! We are all different and you might find that the analog will work for you just fine! 

A cig-a-like is a bit heavier than your regular cancer stick, though, and it sports an LED light on the end of the device which lights up when inhaling. Some cig-a-likes are disposable e-cigarettes, meaning that you can vape on them until the non-reusable battery discharges, and after that you just throw them away. However, cig-a-likes may also feature rechargeable batteries and replaceable cartridges (cartomizers).

Personally, I would recommend starting off with a second generation ecigs (AKA Ego). They are easy to use (just need to press a little button on a side and suck on the vapour at the same time) and not as 'heavy duty' as the APV's (advanced personal vaporizers). What you need to remember before taking the first hit is they affect you differently than traditional cigarettes, so you might want to be gentle with them at first. It is recomennded to hold the vapour in you mouth first before breathing it into your lungs. 

When it comes to choosing the right eLiquid the only one thing I'd say is to go for lower nicotine strenght to start with; the nicotine overdose symptoms can be very unpleasant and it can really put you off. 6mg (or 12mg) should do you just fine. With the flavour, whether it's tobacco / menthol / fruity eLiquid,  get a few different ones and try each individually, until you find your favourite. Again, if you don't like the ejuice you're currently using, it can easily discourage you from vaping. 

We hope this helps. If you have more quiestions, you can contact us by clicking here and we're get back to you with an anwser.