The popularity of vaping has been growing by the day. And just like any other fan of vaping you probably enjoy every experience. However, you might want to add some fun to the whole experience - why not learn how to blow 'o's (vape rings)? They are relatively common, but perfection takes practice!

                                                   Vape / Smoke Ring

Take a long drag on your electronic cigarette. Inhale deeply to get as much vapour as possible and hold the smoke in the back of your mouth – do not take the vapour ‘back’ into your lungs as this will make blowing vapour rings much harder. If you can create a dense vapour you will see that the rings will last longer than if you produce a light “airy” vapour.

Create an “O” shape with your mouth. While you keep your tongue at the back of your mouth, position your lips slowly in the shape of  the letter “O”. Imagine you’re making the classic ghost “ooooo” sound and this will give you the optimum shape.

Push a small amount of vapour through the “O”. Move your tongue from the back of your mouth to the front pushing the vapour out. While you open and close your lips think about creating the sound of the letter “P” doing it slowly and gently. You can make things even easier if you position your lips like you are giving a kiss or a bit like like face of a fish.

WARNING: You make look a bit crazy, but the results are worth it!

 Practice and practice. Remember that blowing impressive vapour rings is basically practice. So have fun while practising and enjoy the results! Soon you will be the ringmaster!

Here's a little video tutorial for extra help: