Have you ever had any trouble with your clearomizer? Don't worry, we've all been there. Unfortunately, you can’t just purchase a clearomiser and expect it to work forever, without a little bit of TLC. Here are some of the most common clearomiser mistakes and how avoid them! 

Filling the e-cigarette tank through the metal pipe in the centre.

This is a common mistake which may cause flooding to the clearomiser and a horrible sensation when vaping. If this happens, don’t worry! Simply separate your e-cigarette battery from the clearomiser, empty the tank until there is no liquid inside, then blow through the mouthpiece. This should clear the tank. Finally, put all the parts back together again, then start the filling process from the beginning. To optimise the pleasure of your vaping experience, ensure no e-liquid enters into the tube in the centre.

Using your clearomiser as soon as you have filled it up with ejuice.

Allowing the ejuice time to soak in helps protect the atomiser and ensures you get a great vape from the start. You should usually allow 3-5 mins for the juice to soak in properly. Otherwise you'll end up with vaper's dredded dry hit.

Vaping like a smoker.

If you are used to smoking traditional cigarettes, you may be used to taking hard and quick puffs. However, when vaping electronic cigarettes, this is not recommended – particularly if you want to create a nice cloud of vapour. The optimum technique is a long, soft inhale. You will see the results instantly.

Taking Ultra Long Drags

We’ve known people take 20 second drags, but this can damage the atomiser, especially if you’re using a low ohm atomiser.

Letting the e-liquid run too low.

When the atomizer does not get enough e-liquid, it can burn out, and its life can be shortened. Make sure to fill it up to around a quarter to a third of its capacity.

Pressing the button before vaping

Admittedly, the sound of the fizz when you click your battery button sounds pretty cool. Unfortunately, when you do this eliquid can collect in the mouth piece and condense, leading to a gurgling sound and reduced performance.

Your battery is not up for the challenge.

You want the right voltage to get an effective vape on. Your ideal battery voltage will depend on your taste, the kind of e-liquid you choose, and the ohm rating of your atomizer.

Keeping the e-cigarette activated in your pocket.

Remember to press the button three times to turn off your e-cigarette when you are not using it. This will maintain the battery life. Additionally, this will prevent any accidental leaking from the atomiser. Sit on your ecigarette, and it can fizzle away until the atomiser in the clearomiser is burnt.