Dripping might sound complicated, but it’s really easy. All you have to do is to add a few drops of e-liquid directly into your e-cigarette’s atomizer to enjoy a full, clean flavour with consistent vapour production. To do this, you need the right vape gear - which is what we will be talking about today! 

Drip tips

We’ve mentioned drip tips several times already, and it’s finally time to explain what they are and how they’re used.

Obviously, there’s no way you’re going to put your lips right onto a red-hot atomizer to inhale the vapour created when you drip. But you also don’t want the vapour to get “lost” inside your ecig before you get the complete benefit of inhaling it. That’s what the drip tip is for; it’s a mouthpiece that fits right over the atomizer to funnel the vapour directly into your mouth. Many also have small holes for you to drip the e-liquid through, although you’ll get better results if you’re able to drip onto the atomizer itself.

There are literally hundreds of styles of drip tips available. They’re made from a variety of materials, from aluminum and plastic, to ceramic and glass, even wood and copper. Some people choose their tips based on ease of use or feel in their mouth. Others want to make a lifestyle or fashion statement and choose a drip tip that fits their “style.” Some tips are plain and utilitarian, others are designed in bright colors or patterns, some are shaped like cute cartoon character heads or glowering skeletons – the selection is enormous and getting the right look is part of the fun for many people. They can be cheap or expensive, depending on your preferences. In any event, you’ll probably want to make sure your drip tips have O-rings on the bottom, to ensure a tight seal with the atomizer.

Drip Shield

A drip shield is an easy to use accessory that prevents e-liquid leaks when using drip tips. The shield is a hollow metal tube that slides over the atomizer, covering its airflow holes and retaining whatever juice leaks through them.

Modified Atomizers

Earlier, we mentioned the bridge that spans the coils in an atomizer. It’s meant to make sure the e-liquid from a tank is spread evenly across all of the coils. But after you’ve been dripping for a bit you will probably find the bridge to be more annoying than helpful, since what you’re trying to do is drip the liquid right onto a coil rather than having it spread out.

For that reason, a lot of vapers end up removing the bridge completely. It’s not hard to do if you’re at all coordinated and can work with small tools; in fact, you can usually just pull it off with a set of tweezers. You’ll find that taking the bridge off improves the experience of drip vaping considerably. Vapers call changes to their units “mods” (which is short for modifications) this is one of the most common mods you’ll see.

Dripping Atomizers

Dripping atomizer aka rebuildable atomizer is the top part of a mechanical electronic cigarette that connects the actual mechanical mod, the circular tube looking device, to the drip tip, the piece you inhale from. 

Rebuildable dripping atomizers take things a step further. The “problem” with bridgeless atomizers is that eventually the coil has to be replaced, and for most people that means buying a new atomizer. The “R” in “RDA” means they’re designed so you can easily rebuild them by wrapping your own new coils, another aspect of vaping which appeals to many hobbyists(You’ll also hear the term “RBA” used as well, which is the same thing). Some rebuildable atomizers have enough room in them that you can add more than one coil, play around with the resistance in the system, and so on.