Dripping requires you to get the right technique through trial and error, but there is several tips that we can recommend to you to make your dripping experience better and easier.

1. Replace your disposable cartridges or cartomizers with an atomizer and drip tip. The drip tip is a mouthpiece (usually plastic or metal) that fits over the atomizer. It allows you to use something like a glass dropper to “drip” in the liquid as you need it.

2. When you drip, make sure to only allow a few drops of e-liquid to enter your drip tip. You’ll want to wait a few moments for the liquid to run down into the atomizer before you use it.

3. You should never drip with an automatic battery unless the terminal that connects the battery to the atomizer is sealed. If it’s unsealed, you’ll see a hole in the terminal that allows air to travel freely through the battery - most automatic batteries have these. Inevitably, you will occasionally drip too much e-liquid through the drip tip and flood the atomizer. With a sealed manual battery, this won’t cause any damage - just wipe up the mess and continue. With an unsealed automatic battery, too many flooded atomizers will ruin the battery permanently.

4. When you feel that your vapour production has started to decrease, you must remember to add a little more e-liquid before the atomizer goes dry. When an atomizer is dry, the vapour it produces is harsh and creates a burning sensation in the throat. If you continue using the atomizer in this state, you’ll burn its wick and ruin it.

Dripping Takes Practice

Dripping is often considerd something of an art because it requires you to add just the right amount of liquid into your e-cigarette for the best experience. If you add too little, you run the risk of using a dry atomizer. As you already know, running an atomizer while it’s dry is the quickest and most efficient way to kill it. Add too much e-liquid, though, and you’ll flood the atomizer.

Getting the most out of dripping requires you to learn what works best with your e-cigarette. The amount of drops and how frequently you need to add them for maximum vapour production depends on your your setup. We generally recommend a starting point of about three drops per ten puffs. If you taste dry vapour or flood the atomizer, adjust your rhythm accordingly.

Dripping is not for everyone or every situation

Before you decide to start dripping, you should understand that it’s not a simple “replacement” for electronic cigarettes or standard vaping systems.

  • Dripping isn’t for nicotine addicts – if you vape simply to get a regular nicotine fix after smoking cigarettes for years, you’ll find that dripping e-liquid is a time-consuming and unwieldy way to do it.
  • Dripping isn’t for the lazy – it takes time to learn and perfect the technique, and each drip will give you fewer than ten inhales before it’s time to do it again.
  • Dripping is for the connoisseur – there’s no other way to get the complete flavor and power of e-liquid; if you fully appreciate the way that vapour tastes and feels, the way to get the most from the experience is to drip vape.
  • Dripping is for the hobbyist – if you enjoy experimentation with vaping equipment and eliquid as much as the actual vapour, it takes the hobby to a new level.