All batteries can explode, and it can also happen to electronic cigarette batteries. However, if you follow the correct safety procedures, e-cigarette battery explosions are very rare – about 1 in 10 million. To enjoy vaping safely, follow the simple rules in this article.

How often you will need to charge your e-cigarette will depend on the size of your battery and the frequency that you vape. Long extended batteries require more hours to charge. If you are a heavy user, you might have to charge your standard batteries every two to four hours.

We recommend choosing a charging option that fits your routine and lifestyle. Better yet, get a kit that includes all four adapters, plus EU or UK compatible wall chargers, so you can always charge your batteries anywhere you travel or in case you lose one of your chargers. Also, it's a good idea to always have a spare battery on you. Saying that, try not to put your e-cigarette in your pocket as minute particles of material can easily penetrate through the small openings and cause the switch to malfunction or prevent air from flowing properly.

Regulated mods are a popular option for beginner and intermediate vapers. These mods allow easy adjustment of the wattage or voltage sent to the coil, regardless of its resistance level. They have circuitry with various safety measures, such as preventing electric shorts that could damage your battery. This doesn’t mean regulated mods are completely safe. As with any electronic device, they can malfunction, with serious consequences.

Lithium batteries can provide extremely high currents and although this is useful in applications where high currents are required, a too-rapid discharge of a lithium battery can result in overheating of the battery, rupture, and even explosion.

Correct charging equipment including USB chargers and plug adaptors must be used with all products sold. Most issues with charging batteries have been due to incorrect charging equipment used, especially Ipad and Iphone batteries. There are also cheap e-cig chargers on the market that do not come with overcharge protection. Use of any of our e-cigarettes with chargers and plug adaptors not provided by us will result in product warranties being void.

  • Only use the charger supplied with the e-cig kit
  • Do not mix and match components from different e-cig brands
  • Do not screw the battery to the charger too tightly (plug the charger into the power source first then gently screw the battery in until the light flashes)
  • Do not leave your e-cig unattended when charging
  • Clean the battery pin and charger contact at least once a week with tissue or alcohol wipes
  • Remove the battery from the charger when fully charged