Poor vapor production. Burnt taste. Flavor ghosting. Does this sound familiar?

If you do not clean your atomizer head on a regular basis, your coils and wicks will burn out much faster. This will happen eventually; however you can extend your vape's life by days, if not weeks! So let's have a look at basic e-cigarette maintenace rules. 


  • Make sure not to let your battery die completely before your first charge.
  • At least once a week, clean out the head of your battery and tank cap of any ejuice leakage, using a cotton swab. For the best results, first dip the cotton swab in water or rubbing alcohol. 
  • Remove any any excess e juice and gunk stuck in and around the tank. 
  • Fill up your tank about half way with luke warm water. Now place your thumb over the opening, and shake it vigorously. Do this for a few seconds, then dump the water out. You’ll notice the water will look a little dirty.

  • Refill and shake the tank 4 or 5 times, or until the water coming out is clear and clean. This step is particularly important if you are experiencing flavor ghosting, where you taste the previous flavors after refilling with a new juice flavor.

  • Never leave your tank (full set up as well) in the sun or direct heat for long periods of time. This can cause leaking and there may be parts that can weaken under direct heat and destroy your tank.

  • In cases where flavor ghosting is really bad, try cleaning your tank with alcohol or lemon juice. Using a brush to scrub the insides of the clearomizer can help to. 

There are hundreds and hundreds of different ways of cleaning & looking after your vape. But these are good to start with; besides you're always more than welcome to share your tips below!

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