Vaping in public places in England is legal. However there are few rules we should all follow - whilst much of this is common sense it still a good guide for any beginners stepping into the vaping world! Always remember to use your common sense and be polite and friendly and this will help you avoid any conflicts. As vapers we need to make sure we give vaping a good name so please follow the guidelines below.

E-cigarette etiquette don'ts: 

  • Don't cloud chase in public areas. Cloud chasing is when you produce huge amounts of vapor and should be left for vaping events, outside places or your own home.
  • Don't vape in any theatre, whether it’s a live performance or a film. Exhaling clouds of vapor in a dark room with a projector or spotlights will annoy the crap out of everyone else. Plus, most e-cigarettes have tips that light up, potentially causing distractions for both performers and the rest of the audience. Wait for intermission or go to the back of the movie theatre for a quick puff.
  • Don't be pretentious around current smokers – just because you’re a vaper now doesn’t mean you’re better. Educate when asked about vaping but don’t be pushy. Being pushy will only discourage them from switching to vaping because of you being annoying! 
  • Don't vape near children. Electronic cigarettes are a product for adults so never vape with children around. If you do you will no doubt get an earful from a mother or father near you trying to protect their kids!
E-cigarette etiquette do's:
  • Try stealth vaping Stealth vaping isn’t as shady as it sounds – it just means vaping by purposely creating small amounts of vapor. If you’re in a busy place, it will no doubt be appreciated by those around you.
  • Ask before you vape in public – if someone is close enough for you to poke them with a walking stick, ask if they mind you taking a puff.
  • Ask before you vape inside a store, restaurant, bar, etc. If you’re met with hesitation, take the chance to educate. If the answer is no, don’t flip out; just go outside or take your business elsewhere.
  • Share your personal story with curious folk – there’s so much value in being able to relate with someone else…
  • Inform yourself on a country’s or states’ specific rules on vaping before you travel there. Always abide by the rules and don’t be that ignorant tourist that everyone hates!
Some vapers will disagree with a few of these “rules”, arguing that e-cigarettes are nothing like traditional cigarettes and we should be able to enjoy them when, where and how we want. But the reality is we can’t; at least not yet. Let’s work on establishing a good reputation, first. Do what you want with your e cigarette at home. But when you’re in the eyes of the public, keep it classy and respect others.