Here at V-Revolution we offer our e-liquids in varying nicotine strengths.

The mg measurement denotes how much nicotine is present within the liquid per 1ml. So for every ml vaporised you will get one of the doses of nicotine.

Stronger does not necessarily mean better. How much nicotine you want or need in your E-Liquid largely depends on how you body reacts to nicotine, and how often and heavily you smoked tobacco before. However, the majority of E-Cig users settle for the 12mg strength, which is often felt as „just right“.

The right choice is effected by the type of tobacco that was smoked before making the switch to e-cigarettes. For example, those who smoked full flavoured, heavy brands will find they may be more suited to stronger liquids, whereas those who prefer lighter cigarettes will probably prefer their e-liquid with less nicotine. It‘s not about right or wrong - but about finding out what is right for you.

It‘s alway a good idea to try out a few strengths and find the one that best suits you. Picking an unsuitable strength and not realising it, can put you off e-cigarettes, as the vape is either ineffective, or too powerful - when in fact, it just the liquid needs to be adjusted.


Too weak

If an e-liquid is too weak then it is possible to find yourself over compensating, which will result in having to vape much more often than you would smoke to reach the same place – making the e-cigarette feel ineffective. If you find yourself still craving more after vaping, then it is a sign you need a stronger strength.

Too Strong

If an e-liquid is to strong, delivering more nicotine than the body is used to, you will be able to tell quickly. Too much nicotine can cause light-headedness and an intense throat hit when inhaling. If you find that this is the case, then consider trying a weaker strength.


For most, the E-Cig is a healthier alternative that replaces the toxic fumes of tobacco with smooth vapor. But if you want to stop using nicotine altogether, then knowing how to work with the different strengths is important.

By finding a comfortable starting point using the above indications, it is possible to slowly wean yourself of nicotine, slowly reducing the strength and the reliance on it – to the point where you can ultimately move to nicotine free liquids, simply enjoying the relaxing experience and taste.