For todays blog we thought we would bring you something a little different.

This is an email we received from Robert in Norwich.


"Dear V-Revolution team,

This is not something I usually do but I thought I needed to share my experience with you.

I am the wrong side of 55 (by quite a lot) and I have been a heavy smoker since I was about 12 or 13 when I stupidly started at school because it was the "cool" thing to do! Eventually I was soon smoking about 2 packs of cigarettes (Marlboro) a day.
I enjoyed smoking and never felt "ill" from it apart from the occasional coughing fit in the mornings - I had of course heard of electronic cigarettes for a while but I thought they were just a fad for youngesters.

However, about a year and a half ago I went for a weekend away with my wife and by chance walked passed the V-Revolution ecig store in London, so I thought why not - let's see what the fuss is all about.

I was told a great place to start was the Tokyo starter ecigarette kit  and was also advised to get the Double Kit (so when one was recharging I had the other one already charged) with some Red eliquid (because it was supposed to taste like Marlboro my favourite brand which I was amazed to find it absolutely does) so once the friendly in store staff explained to me how to fill it up and charge the vape pen  and what I needed to do to change the wicks etc.

That's when I made the decision to purchase one.

It's been 17 months now since starting off with that electronic cigarette kit I can hand on heart say I have not smoked a cigarette since and now actually prefer vaping to smoking due to the wide range of eliquid flavours online which I regularly buy from your website.

My son is an avid vaper (building coils, mods and RDA's which frankly speaking are terms I do not understand and at my time of life do not feel the need to) but did advise me maybe it was time to take a step up and go for a more powerful vape and suggested the Innokin T18, and I must admit, I am blown away by it the flavour it produces from your eliquids.

Now I know there is a lot of toing and froing going on in the news about vaping and the whole industry I can completely hand on heart say you guys have helped me to stop smoking. So from me, my wife and my children I thank you wholeheartedly as I feel so much better and healthier (and my wife does not mind kissing me as I do not smell like smoke anymore!). 

Seriously guys, thank you from the bottom of your heart - the eliquids you offer online are all fantastic and I am over the moon with my Innokin T18! Maybe in another year or so I will upgrade again - who knows I may even start sub ohming?? and building my own coils!! (unlikely but hey you never know!)

So, for anyone looking to make the change from normal tobacco cigarettes and try vaping as a way to help you give up I personally can strongly suggest you go to V-Revolution, either the store in London or buy direct from their website!

Will be looking forward to my next eliquid purchase from you guys very soon!

Thanks to you all at V-Rev!

Rob (now a non smoker and fully fledged vaper!)"