Are you planning to go away soon but you're not sure on the airport vaping regulations? Fear not - we've prepared an ultimate travelling with your ecig guide so you have one less thing to worry about! 

Vaping is generally banned on most of the UK airports (Heathrow is a delightful exception though as it even has its vaping lounge!), therefore you might need to use you ecigarette in designated smoking areas. Most airlines allow e-cigarettes to be taken on-board in your carry-on luggage, but it’s best to check with the airline before you travel. EasyJet for instance, allow an e-cigarette with a maximum of two spare batteries to be taken on-board.When it comes to taking small bottles of e-liquid on planes there shouldn't be a problem, as it falls under the 100 ml liquid limit. Obviously, you need to put the e-liquid in a clear plastic bag alongside your other liquids. If you have large bottles of e-liquid you should put them in your hold luggage.

Here's some info about each UK Airport:

  • Gatwick Airport: Vaping is not permitted anywhere in the terminal building
  • Heathrow Airport: Permitted on the premises but not beyond the gate area
  • Stansted Airport: Use of ecigs has not been permitted indoors since August 2014
  • Exeter Airport: Ecigs can be taken through the Security Search Area but using them is not permitted inside the terminal
  • Belfast Airport: Ecigs can only be used in the designated smoking areas outside the terminal
  • Birmingham Airport: Ecigs can be taken through security but they are treated in the same way as regular cigarettes in the terminal (meaning you can only vape in the outside somking facility)
  • Bristol Airport: You can only vape in designated smoking areas
  • Cardiff Airport: No vaping permitted inside the terminal. You can only vape in the designated smoking areas outside the terminal (next to Gate 2)
  • East Midlands Airport: Vaping has not been permitted inside the terminal since August 2014
  • Humberside Airport: Ecigs can't be used within the terminal or outside the terminal entrance (you can vape in smoking areas)
  • Liverpool John Lennon Airport: ecigs can only be used in the outdoor smoking areas
  • London City Airport: Ecigs can't be used in the terminal or once you pass through security
  • Luton Airport: Vaping not permitted anywhere apart from the smoking area outside the terminal (located outside the front entrance)
  • Manchester Airport: No vaping permitted inside the terminal
  • Newcastle Airport: Use of ecigarettes only permitted in smoking shelters at the front of the terminal buliding and in two more designated areas after passing through security
  • Southampton Airport: Use of ecigs is not permitted inside the terminal building or while walking to or from the airplanes. They can only be used outside of the terminal building and before passing security
  • Other Airports: Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Durham Tees Valley, Glasgow Preswick, Leeds and Robin Hood airports do not provide any information about their policies regarding ecigarettes.

Going through security with e-cigarettes

It should not be an issue, however some people had their ecig pens mistaken for bullets! As long as you follow basic safety rules your ecig should be good to go. Do remember to have your battery charged as it may be required to turn it on during the security check. 

Vaping on the plane 

It is usually fine to carry your e-cigarettes with you onto the plane. However, always double check with the airlines! Some airlines may not permit you to pack e-cigarettes that contain lithium iron batteries in the hold luggage, and you may therefore have to carry the batteries in your carry-on luggage.

Using e-cigarettes on the plane is not permitted by any airline. Here are the policies from some of the UK and Ireland's largest airlines:

Ryanair does not allow you to use your e-cigarettes on the plane, but you can buy smokeless cigarettes during the flight and use them on board.

EasyJet states that you can take e-cigarettes in your hand luggage or in the hold, but that you cannot use them on the plane.

British Airways sells e-cigarettes on many of its flights, depending on the destination. It does not say anything about using them on the planes, but do not expect to be allowed to do so.

Aer Lingus does not allow the use of e-cigarettes on the plane.

Virgin Atlantic states that you can carry them on board but that you are not permitted to use them.