Here we go, we've made it to another Stoptober. It's a great thing for a great cause. I could go on about the negatives of smoking cigarettes for ages; but of course chances are you probably already know what they are. Non-smokers probably tell you what the consequences are whether you want them to or not! Instead, I will tell you how I made a switch to electronic cigarettes.

I smoked traditional cigarettes for 15 years (roughly 20 per day). And I had no real intention to give up - of course I wouldn't admit it to anyone. Well I did try few times but we all know the drill - few hours without a fag at the maximum, then the horrible craving feeling comes along and that's it, lighting up again. I even got myself an analog e-cigarette but this failed too.

Does it sound familiar?

It wasn't until my best mate got herself an e-cigarette kit 3 years ago. Don't get me wrong - at first I was really sceptical about ecigs.. Not enough studys had been carried out at the time. I was simply one of those people with a cigarette hanging out of my mouth saying: the electronic cigarettes are probably even worse then traditional cigarettes (yes, not ashamed to admit it!). Besides my mate made the big mistake of literally hassling me over smoking and how much better vaping was, which sounded almost like my mother moaning at me for smoking. 

Of course, I gave the vape a go - and I almost coughed my lungs out (that's how it felt then). Even though that really put me off, I loved the bubble gum eLiquid flavour. After that, every time she got herself a new eLiquid I'd vape some just to taste the eLiquid. And that's how it started!

I thought: I can vape everywhere, even at work! So I got myself an e-ciagerette starter kit and few sweet and fruity eLiquids. I only vaped at work and restaurants. But then, I noticed that when I was going out to designated smoking area I didn't crave for a cigarette or I simply didn't enjoy the harsh tobacco smoke as much as my e-cigarette! So I began using my ecig more and more often, cutting down on fags. 

And then - one morning I woke up thinking: I don't actually fancy a cigarette! Instead I went to an electronic cigarette shop and got myself a new, fancy e-cigarette kit. 

Of course it wasn't all nice and easy. But the satisfaction of being able to go without a cigarette for 4-5 hours made me believe that I can give up!  

After couple of days of vaping I noticed few changes in my body. First of all - I slept better. No chest pains when I woke up and less coughing. My sense of smell got much better too! And these are just some of the first changes you will notice when you do decide to quit smoking. 

And seeing all the changes only made me sure that switching to e-cigarette's was the best decision in my life. I hope that my story will at least make you think about the switch - that's how it starts.

And good luck if you do decide to start using electronic cigarettes!