Vaping is definitely a culture that unfortunately is viewed by most non vapers (and indeed some vapers) with a very "generalised" and you could even say stereotypical outlook - we all have seen a beautifully bearded manscaped heavily tattooed guy blowing huge vape clouds or a nubile blonde in sponsored snapback, hotpants and not much else perform vape tricks while some grime music rattles the Bang & Olufsen in the background. In reality, the majority of people who vape (even the cloud chasers) are actually smokers looking for a way to get off "stinkies" (tobacco cigarettes) But with various new TPD regulations is there an over induldged fear that some vapers may stop vaping and turn back to smoking?

Dr. Michael Siegel a tobacco researcher at Boston University states that “People are actually pretty bad at predicting their behavior, especially when it comes to addictive behavior.” Dr. Siegel also runs this fact checking blog and you can view the relevant site and studies there

Just like we can not predict what will happen to the whole vape industry under current regulations we also do not know for sure what effect these or any new regulations brought in now or years in the future will have on former smokers who have quit tobacco cigarettes in favour of vaping, while some could argue and we are sure there will indeed be studies on this exact question in the future, it is not hard to guess at reducing access to e-cigarettes, eliquids or accesories may have the potential effect of increasing smoking rates.

Jonathan Adler a law professor and Director for Business Law and Regulation at Case Western Reserve University has this to say on the matter;

“What we do have is basic economic principles—increasing cost or decreasing availability causes substitution—and selected empirical evidence that both confirms that effect and that there is some degree of substitution between the two sets of products, if vaping is restricted, we would expect them to revert to other forms of tobacco products because—as former smokers—they've already demonstrated their preference for satisfying their nicotine craving over abstinence.”

Of course it is not conclusive that any new regulations will push all ecig and vapers back to smoking tobacco, there is definitely potential that some former smokers who have only recently joined the vaping revolution will fall back on old habits and reach for that pack of "stinkies"