Whether you're new to vaping or not, you all know what burnt coil or wicks mean (and mainly taste like!) - spending more money. Not to even mention the nightmare left in your mouth... The good news is that by taking a few simple steps, you can stop your coils from burning out, or at least make it a lot less likely.

High Voltage and Wattage

Vaping on high wattages and voltages can cause your wicks and coils to burn up. First, the high voltage will burn the wick inside your coil. This’ll lead to poor saturation of your e-liquid in the coils. Hence, heat will build up in your coil causing it to burn or even pop. To prevent this situation, the best solution is to reduce you vaping voltage. Start with the lowest voltage and progress upwards by the hour. Also, consider purchasing high quality coils that’ll not easily burn.

Chain Vaping

Your wicks and coils will burn quickly if you vape all day on your device without giving it a break. Chain vaping causes overheating in your coils which’ll lead to burning of the wick and eventually, your coil will also burn.This situation can be avoided by taking a break in between your vaping sessions. Also, take a few seconds before taking another hit from your vaping device.

E-Liquid Base

The type of base used in your e-liquid may also be a reason why your wicks and coils burn out quickly. E-juices with a vegetable glycerine base tend to make your wicks and coils burn easily. This is because vegetable glycerine is thick, thus it doesn’t efficiently saturate the wick. Also, it tends to be sugary and can cause caramelization in the wicks when exposed to heat. The solution to this is to purchase propylene glycol based e-liquids or those that have a higher PG ratio.

Not Enough Juice 

If the amount of juice in your tank is low, it might not be able to soak into your wicks as well. On many coil heads, the juice has to be at a certain level to even reach the wicking ports. When less of the juice is in contact with the wick, it doesn’t get soaked up as quickly. When your juice level is really low, this can cause problems very easily. The simplest solution to this is to keep your tank topped up. When the performance starts to get worse and the flavour diminishes, it’s probably time to give up on the juice in the tank and refill.

Use Temperature Control 

Temperature control (TC) vaping solves the problems with burning wicks more directly. By tracking the detectable changes in resistance that occur when certain coil materials are heated up, TC devices such as the Innokin Cool Fire IV TC 100W  allow you to set a maximum temperature for your coil. When it reaches this temperature, the e-cig stops delivering power to stop it from getting any hotter.