Even though vaping in public in the UK is allowed, it isn't always widely accepted. Some people may feel offended or find the ecig vapour making them feel sick  (try vaping in front of my mother!). And, even though numerous studies have found that there is no second-hand smoke risk when using ecigarettes, we still occasionally get "told off" for vaping in public. 

However, you can avoid the hassle by learning how to stealth vape!

What is stealth vaping?

Stealth vaping is simply using your e cigarette in a way that nobody will notice you vaping. There are many different techniques people use to stealth vape, but they all generally revolve around the same basic principle: if you hold the vapour in for longer, there will be less to exhale. Some users prefer to inhale some ordinary air after taking a puff, and others exhale into a cup or sleeve to remove the visual impact of the vapour. It can also help to blow the vapour out more slowly, since this makes it barely visible even if you haven’t held it in for a long time.

What equipment do you need to stealth vape?

If you are a fan of the sub-ohm vaping devices (such as Innokin Disrupter or Cool Fire 4) we recommend getting a simple ego vape pen (try V-Revolution Rio Kit). A), they are much easier to keep out of sight and B), they don't produce as much vapour as the far more powerful batteries. Not only they're large and nearly impossible to hide, but their voluminous clouds resemble a smoke signal letting everyone in the room know about your love affair with e-cigs. Consider a backup device for public use or on occasions where you’d like to be discreet. A smaller setup will be easier to shield in your hands, and less vapour means less unwanted attention.

How to stealth vape?

  • Reduce your volt / watt output. Even if your ecig is small, it still has the potential to fill a room with one satisfying puff. Reduce the voltage / wattage settings so you don’t set off the fire alarm.
  • Use higher PG-ratio eliquid. Propylene Glycol (PG) is known for creating excellent flavour, but it lacks the strong vapour production of VG-based e juice. Also, you may need to use an eliquid with higher nicotine strength, considering you are vaping on a smaller device. 
  • Hold the vapour in longer. This technique can be applied several different ways, but the concept is, the longer you hold the vapour in the more it will be absorbed by the body. Some people simply inhale and hold for 3-4 seconds, while others inhale air after each puff – then hold. The longer you hold it in, then less vapor that will be released.
  • Swallow the vapour. Basically, this technique is to inhale, then swallow the vapour (twice if you can). Inhale again if you can, then exhale through your nose.
  • Capture/diminish the vapour. You can do it by discreetly exhaling into your hand to help break up the cloud. Others will try to capture their vapour in a cup or sleeve, while some simply breath through an article of clothing to help reduce the visual impact.

Here's a video from Tobacco Solutions demonstrating the most popular stealth vaping techniques:


When is stealth vaping acceptable?

Don't forget that people have lost their jobs for vaping at work, and have been put in prison for vaping on airlines. These techniques are ideal for places where you are allowed to vape, but do not wish to draw attention to yourself. The fact is, even when you respect the law and play by the rules there are many situations where you may want (or need) to be discreet. Family gatherings, school events and business conferences are just a few places where big fluffy clouds of vapour may not be appropriate. In these situations, “stealth vaping” is a tool worth adding to your arsenal.