Some vapers choose to cloud chase. However, as cool as it may look, let's be honest - most e-cigarette users switch to vaping for a simple reason, which is giving up smoking. Therefore, rather than blowing massive clouds they aim to get the most flavour out of their e-juice. In this article, we'd like to give you few useful tips on how to maximise the taste of your vape juice. 

1. E-liquid.

In our previous blog post (see Understanding PG/VG Ratios In E-Liquid) we explained what juice you should go for if you want to improve its taste. PG (Propylene Glycol) carries flavour marginally better than VG, so the flavour will be slightly improved. What's more, PG e-liquid produces more of a “throat hit”, which simulates the feel of smoking better (which is beneficial for those who have recently made the switch). Start with a 50/50 ratio and work your way up until you find the right balance for you. You can’t go wrong with an 80/20 ratio. This will usually give you the amount of flavour that you’re looking for.

It's also good to let your e-juice steep for at least few days after purchasing another bottle. Steeping allows the flavour to settle and sometimes improves the flavour dramatically.

2. Vaper's tongue. 

The dreaded vaper's tongue - the strange and unsettling sensation of losing your taste buds. Fortunately, taste buds heal themselves, although they do get weaker as you get older, which is one reason your tastes change so much in the transition from childhood to adulthood. The solution? Either switch flavours or start vaping a stronger option of the same flavour. This will help your taste buds to regain the ability to taste the e-juice.

3. Voltage / Wattage settings. 

Tweaking the voltage / wattage settings on your e-cigarette is the simplest way to improve the flavour you get from your e-liquid. Different elements of juices come out at different settings. This is because specific flavourings vaporize at different temperatures, and your setting (in combination with your coil’s resistance) determines how hot your coil gets. For flavour-chasers, this is the major benefit of having a variable voltage/variable wattage device.

4. Right atomiser. 

We recommend choosing a glass tank - simply because plastic tanks can slightly reduce the quality of the flavour. 

There are 2 other factors to consider when choosing the right atomiser for best e-liquid taste:

  • bottom-coil clearomizers offer significant improvements. These make gravity work for you, with the coil located at the bottom of the central stem so that the wicks don’t have to suck the e-liquid up to the coil.
  • dual-coil setup allows more e-liquid - coils contact, which causes more vapour to be produced. When more vapour is produced, you’ll tend to get more flavour.
5. Keep the wicks, tanks and coils clean.
The simple fact is that fresh coils and clean wicks make for better flavour. The only problem with the plate analogy is that rinsing your wick or switching to a new coil after every change of flavour is a little excessive. But the core lesson is still valid: juices taste better from fresh wicks, coils and tanks.