What is nicotine? 

Nicotine is a nitrogen-containing chemical - an alkaloid, which is made by several types of plants, including the tobacco plant. It is an oily liquid that is miscible with water in its base form. Nicotine enters the bloodstream where it circulates throughout the body and travels to the brain where it crosses the blood-brain barrier. Once in the brain, it binds to and activates receptors called the cholinergic receptors. it was brought back to Europe in fifteenh century by Columbus.  

1. Nicotine does not cause cancer.  

Nicotine may keep you smoking, but it's tar and chemical present in tobacco smoke that cause cancer!

2. Is nicotine dangerous?

No person has ever tested negative for nicotine, in any of the large-scale clinical trials that looked at nicotine presence in the population. It's a normal ingredient in the diet and everyone consumes it! In actual fact, it is very likely to be beneficial and very likely to be a nutrient since it is so closely associated with the B vitamin group, has multiple well-recognised beneficial effects many of which are in common with its sister compound nicotinic acid (vitamin B3), about 20% of the population appear to benefit by supplementing their dietary intake of it, lack of it is clearly linked with auto-immune disease, and it is commonly investigated as a component in medicines for such conditions as Alzheimers.

3. Is nicotine a highly toxic drug? 

We used to think so, although apparently with zero evidence for it. Those of us who handle it on a daily basis always knew that it is far less dangerous than supposed, since otherwise - quite simply - many of us would be dead.

In October 2013, Prof Mayer of Graz demolished the myth: he showed that there is no evidence at all for the assumption that nicotine is highly toxic! 

4. Is nicotine higly addictive? 

Not likely at all; but of course we'd need some sort of evidence either way, and there isn't any. There is not one single published clinical trial of nicotine's potential for dependence. The only relevant trial is one in which pure nicotine is administered to people never exposed to tobacco by consumption. There is no such published trial where the objective was to examine subsequent dependence.