In spite of all the controversy around vaping, we can see the growing numbers of supporters everyday. And it's not only because of the health benefits of "smoking" an e-cigarette (though there is no smoke only vapour) but also the freedom it offers where we chose to vape. Apart from Wales, vaping is still pretty much allowed everywhere in the UK. There are now an estimated 2.6 million vapers in the United Kingdom, up from 2.1 million just last year.

Now, just as these numbers grow everyday, a new concern grows with them. How should we recycle our vapes and electronic cigarettes? Very little, if any, education is being done to advise users on proper disposal of them.

On one of the latest Business Waste blog posts we read: "“Traditional cigarette ends when dumped in landfills release poisons into the ground that can harm water tables and damage plants and animals. E-cigarette refuse is mainly plastics and batteries that may take centuries to break down, and heaven knows what poisons they might contain.”

Recycling your vape is not actually that difficult. E-cigarette batteries come under ‘Battery Directive’, which was put in place a couple of years ago, to help prevent household batteries from ending up in designated landfill zones. It means that you can dispose of it in battery collection bins located in many retail establishments free of charge. When it comes to cartridges and atomisers, they should be rinsed with warm water and wrapped up in old paper or tin foil. This way, there's no danger of any animals swallowing them.

Vapers don't need any more trouble with the ani-vaping propaganda going on. So do your bit and please, recycle your e-cigarette.