E-cigarettes are becoming the most popular way to quit smoking tobacco products. According to Public Health England, they are 95% less harmfull than traditional cigarettes. Statistics show, that 25% of UK smokers have switched to vaping. There are, however few side offects of vaping. Let's look into them!


This is one of the many electronic cigarette side effects. In some cases the pain can be so severe and can be similar to a migraine. Headaches are as a result of too much nicotine in your system. Therefore in case of a headache you are advised to use a less powerful e-cig liquid or one that contains less nicotine. You can also drink plenty of water and the headache will go away. On top of that you might experience headaches simply because your brain is trying to adjust to the chemical changes and changes in oxygen levels caused by your attempts to quit smoking by using electronic cigarettes. Increased caffeine levels can also cause disruptions in your sleeping pattern and this can lead to headaches.


The dry mouth side effect is very common due to the nature of eliquids. One of the major components of most eliquids is propylene glycol, more commonly referred to as PG. As well as eliquids, PG is also widely used in pharmaceutical and personal care products. One of PG's attributes is that is it a hygroscopic liquid; meaning it attracts and hold water molecules from the surrounding environment; such as your mouth. The dry mouth side effect is usually easily rectified by increasing water intake; i.e. small sips of water often. This doesn't mean to say you'll necessarily be sipping water non-stop, just that your water consumption may increase. The dry skin issue can often be addressed with a hypo-allergenic moisturiser until such time that the body adjusts.

Acne or spots on your skin

Once you start using electronic cigarette your reason may be to quit smoking gradually therefore as a reaction to this, your body will start to detoxify itself leading to the development of spots on your skin or even acne in the end. The toxins in your body try to find their way out through the skin only to be blocked by the pores of your skin and in the end they cause development of spots on your skin. In order to avoid this ensure that your skin is kept clean to avoid the pores being clogged up by the toxins.

Muscle aches

Muscle aches are also some of the electronic cigarette side effects. The propylene glycol present in this cigarette when inhaled is converted into lactic acid by your body. Lactic acid is not good for the muscles as it causes muscle cramps and aches. In case you experience these aches or cramps you are advised to drink plenty of water and relax your muscles and all will be well.


This is also a side effect of smoking cigarettes so I personally associate this with the Nicotine content. We know it is a stimulant that has some reported benefits, however it can be dangerous if ingested in high dosages. The problem with e-cigs is that it is very easy to “chain vape”, especially in the right environment, such as a vape shop. Vapers must be aware of their nicotine levels and if they start to feel flush or dizzy, they should put that mod down. Especially those using Sub Ohm setups should be aware of the nicotine levels that they are inhaling.