You know when you are a vaper when...

You keep your favorite vaping equipment on the nightstand, for that morning vape.

E-Cigarette Stand

 (and you need to wave away the vapour cloud to see the image above)

You you read OMG as 0 MG.

Vape Meme

You feel absolutely comfortable vaping in public, and feel sorry for those smoking traditional cigarettes around you.

Hiding Smoking Cigarette



 You can smell things much better now than when you smoked.

Better Sense of Smell



You forgot your wallet, keys and phone – but remembered to pack your e-cig.

Wallet Keys Phone
Your phone & mp3 players are both dead because every USB outlet has a battery charger on it.

Charging Ecig Battery vs Charging Your Mobile


You try a new mixed drink flavor and wonder if you can recreate it for vaping.

Funky Drink

You dread vaper’s tongue more than you dread seeing the mother-in-law.

Vaper's Tongue
You’ve been in that situation where your e-liquid  has leaked all over your trousers and it looks like you didn’t get to the toilet in time.

 Leaked Eliquid


You only go to restaurants that allow vaping or have a patio.

Vaping Allowed



If anyone tells you e-cigarettes are bad for you, you respond with a pre-prepared argument, debunking anything they say. 

Vape Meme



You struggle at anything that requires the use of two hands, as one of your hands is always holding your ecig.

Vape Meme