The UK smoking ban came into force long before I picked up cigarettes and started smoking, so I personally can't refer to what it was like before it. But we all know the drill - smoking is only permitted in designated areas or pub gardens (although the Royal Society for Public Health is already calling to prohibit smoking tobacco products in pub gardens). And let's be honest, leaving in the middle of a conversation every so often just to have a fag can make you feel uncomfotable and even look anti-social. Besides most non-smokers find the smell of tobacco very unappealing and they love to share their feelings with you.

And that's where e-cigarettes come in handy. As we know, vaping is allowed pretty much everywhere in UK, including pubs, restaurants, workplaces etc (however you might find some of them have their own policy in regards to ecigs). As the vapour produced and exhaled from ecigs doesn't contain the same carcinogenic chemicals found in traditional cigarettes, there is no second-hand safety risk, which means that there's no need for your non-smoking friends to walk away when you are vaping. Another thing that almost every vaper notices after leaving cigarettes behind is smell. Heavy or regular smokers very quickly get used to the fug of stale smoke that clings to everything - clothing, furniture and even pets! Tobacco smoke can hang around in an unventilated space for several hours before settling, ensuring that the whole room is exposed to the residue. Vapour on the other hand, dissipates far more quickly and any odour, which is minimal in the first place will disappear within seconds.

Some companies are adding sensors to their electronic cigarette products. These sensors are designed to let vapers know when someone nearby is using e-cigarette as well. By adding a social component to the vapes, users are given a better chance of meeting and interacting with other users. Users can exchange all types of information and network with users to create a universal voice. The sensor will also be used to alert users when they are near stores that might carry components needed for the electronic cigarette. Be warned though, most electronic cigarette companies are not adding this component. Even though it is a great idea, adding such a component for certain companies would cost an excessive amount of money. This extra cost would automatically be passed down to the user.