Is sub-ohm vaping safe? The perfectly honest anwser is yes and no. Like anything else, with the proper knowledgesub-ohm vaping can be completely safe. If the safety rules are not followed your battery or device can fail resulting in injury or property damage from fire or explosion.

Generally, vapers should be much more precautious when sub-ohm vaping since low resistance coils generate more heat and can increase the strain on vital components. Newbies should take extreme precautions, particualary when vaping on a mechanical mod without any bulit-in safety features. The regulated VV/VW mods can reduce the risk but the issues can still arise with incorrect componets .

Using sub-ohm coils produces much more vapor compared to coils above 1ohm on the same device. Usually sub-ohm vapers take lung hits (they inhale straight to their lungs), increasing the vapor they can inhale each puff. Those who vape sub-ohm usually favor e-liquid with a higher percentage of VG than PG. The reason for this is that the vegetable glycerin creates larger clouds and denser vapor production, because VG has reduced throat hit compared to PG which helps to accommodate for the increased amount of vapor inhaled. Usually those vaping sub-ohm will also use lower nicotine strengths (typically 6mg/ml and under) compare to those vaping above 1ohm also because of the additional vapor produced and inhaled each pull.

However, it is the battery safety you should pay the most attention to - batteries can start a fire or explode when pushed too hard!  

We won’t get in to all of the technical details, but a battery can only supply so much output current. This is determined by the maximum continuous discharge rating of the battery, expressed in amps (A). If you’re running a sub-ohm coil, you need to pick a battery with a high enough discharge rate to safely supply power. Out of the two main types of e-cig batteries (ICR and IMR), IMR batteries are the best choice for sub-ohm vaping since they have safer chemistry and offer the highest discharge ratings. For any coil under 1 ohm, more than you’re likely your going to need an IMR battery rated from 15A to 30A.

Although it has become quite popular for people to use variable voltage/wattage devices for sub-ohm vaping it is actually unnecessary. Sub-ohm vaping evolved as a way to increase power to the coils beyond what the safe capacity of regulated devices available at the time. Today high power regulated devices are widely available can deliver a consistent amount of power to the coils allowing you to use the resistance of your choosing and the ability to adjust it to your liking while potentially out performing the capacity of even a sub-ohm build on a mechanical mod. While low power regulated devices remain best suited for resistances above 1ohm.