It is mainly new e-cigarette users who complaint on coughing when they vape. And unfortunately this is also the main reason why they decide to carry on with tobbaco products. They think: I suffered from smokers cough, now I will suffer from vapers cough. Well, let me tell you something: there's no such thing as vapers cough. 

So what factors are responsible for making us cough?

  • Allergies and throat hit: Throat hit is the feeling you get in your throat when you take a puff. It's that satisfaction many receive from actual inhaling. Inside of the vapor cigarette there is the eLiquid ( which is made up from PG or VG, and as we've explained in our previous blog post, some people might be allergic to PG components). Also, the more PG there is in your eLiquid, the bigger throat hit, and sometimes it might be just too strong for some users.
  • Nicotine strength: If, along with some coughing and a sore throat, you find yourself feeling lightheaded or nauseous at times, odds are your body is reacting to too much nicotine. Most e-liquid comes in a range of different nicotine strengths, which is the concentration of liquid nicotine per bottle represented in a percentage. V-Revolution offers nicotine strengths ranging from 0mgs to 24mgs. If you are a new vaper that has never smoked, you will be definitely experiencing smoking using 24mgs. 
  • Vaping style: Most tobbaco smokers inhale the smoke directly to their lungs, but many vapers, on the other hand, draw vapor into their mouths before inhaling into their lungs. Some vapers find that using the same technique for cigarettes causes them to cough.
  • Vaping frequency: In addition to changing how you inhale vapor, you might also consider adjusting how often you vape. Just because electronic cigarettes can be used indoors, doesn't mean you need to vape all the time. In the end, each person has their own preferences and each e-liquid performs differently, so you may have to experiment a little to find the right balance.
  • Dehydration: At least with ecigs you aren't dealing with smoke, but just because you exhale water vapor when vaping doesn't mean you are staying hydrated. PG and VG in e-liquid naturally attracts moisture, which means prolonged vaping will dry out your mouth and throat. This may result in a sore or irritated throat, therefore be sure to drink plenty of water while vaping to avoid dehydration.
How to stop (or reduce) the cough?
Firstly, you can experiment with the PG/VG ratio and see which one is working better for you. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Also, remember that scientists tell us the harm with smoking comes from the smoke, not the nicotine. So once you are used to vaping, it might be worth increasing the nicotine level if it helps you stay off tobacco cigarettes. Some e-cigarette users recomend adding a drop of menthol eLiquid to your favourite juice.