According to the new study published in Discovery Medicine there is remarkable health benefits associated with switching from the traditional cigarette to electronic cigarettes. The study was aimed specifically to asthmatic smokers. The result showed that smoker who switched to vaping had a significant improvement in their respiratory and lung functions over the course of six months.

The case study

The study was conducted on 18 asthmatic smokers who were experiencing mild and moderate asthma, as they switch from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes. The study was done over six months of regular follow-up visits to help analyse the difference in their lung and respiratory functions, while they were switching from tobacco cigarettes to vaping.

The findings

Possibly the most surprising result of the study was that some respiratory and lung functions damaged could be reversed when smokers turned to vapour. Other medical studies thought that this would be nearly impossible and poses more questions on how e juice could lead to serious health turn around for long time smokers. The findings came after last year's report published on Public Health England, which stated that ecigs are about 95% safer than tobacco cigarettes. That is why Professor Ricardo Polosa of the University of Catania conducted a study, focusing on asthmatic smokers.

According to Polosa, most asthma patients who smoke show an accelerated decline in airflow obstruction and lung function, and even worse, reduced response to anti-asthma drugs unlike asthmatics that do not smoke. This is because asthmatic smokers could not do without nicotine if traditional cigarettes were the only alternative. The study confirms the point that has been known by the medical scientific for decades: nicotine itself is not harmful as many people believe.


While opponents of vaping constantly warn that e liquid devices lead to smoking the real thing and increased respiratory and lung malfunctions, now most respected researchers are stating that e juice products are actually doing the opposite. The data from the United States over the past years has shown no evidence to support the claims by anti-vaping advocates.

The warning is negligent because it misrepresents the risk-benefit profile of e-cigarettes for the individual patients. The opponents telling all smokers that the risk of trying to use e juice could potential increase respiratory and lung malfunction is unfortunate. It is not at all, consistent with scientific evidence. The science explicitly demonstrates that there are incredible medical benefits to patients who are able to substantially cut down the use of tobacco cigarettes or quit.


While these findings are still preliminary, and lots of research should be conducted to verify the veracity of the results, it is apparent indication that any smokers who want to try vaping could help their lung and respiratory health by eliminating further damage or reversing the condition in the long run. In short, the simple act of switching from smoking to e cigarette use could ultimately save patients' lives.