Making the switch to electronic cigarettes is one of the biggest (and most important!) decisions in life - tobacco use (direct and secon-hand) is the leading preventable cause of death and it kills around 6 million people each year all around the world. 

But let's be honest - quitting smoking is hard. Surprisingly enough, nicotine isn’t as much of the problem as previously believed. It’s been suggested for decades that nicotine is as hard to quit as heroin, but one ASU professor suggests that nicotine is not addictive at allOne of the reasons that makes them so hard to quit is the naturally occurring monoamine oxidase inhibitors, or MAOIs, found in tobacco which reduces the levels of dopamine that the nicotine releases. Of course, there are up to 599 additives in cigarettes that make them easier to smoke and more addictive as well.

And that is where the e-cigarettes come in handy. But we won't be banging on about the numerous benefits of using e-cigarettes as stop smoking aids - today, we want to advise you how to start vaping and not get discouraged easily.

1. Purchase the battery. 

The battery is the rechargeable power source for your ecig.  Like all rechargeable batteries, they die so we highly recommend purchasing a minimum of two batteries to get started.

We advise to start with a simple e-go battery (such as our Rio Strater Kit) as you might find the big box mods far too powerful for your first vape. The throat hit you get from ecigs is completely different from traditional cigarette - it may make you cough at first (statististics show that cough is the most common side effect amongst first time vapers). 

Once you get used to vaping and want to upgrade to a more powerful device, we recommend choosing a Variable Voltage ecig pen - such as our Vision Spinner 2 or Tokyo Starter Kit, with the power range of 3.2 – 4.8V. The twister at the bottom of the device allowes you to adjust the voltage output that suits your preferences. 

2. Purchase the atomiser. 

You have the option of using either atomizers or clearomizers with your ecig. Atomizers and clearomizers are device that you screw on a battery or power supply to deliver e-juice (e-liquid) in a vapour form. These are the two major type of devices on the market today. Both of devices work on the same principle of heating e-juice to a temperature of vaporization. It is important to note that there is no clear winner between atomizer and clearomizer. 

Atomizers have a heating coil on the bottom with metal mesh on top of the coil. Some atomizers utilize silica wick instead of metal mesh, where clearomizers are usually cylindrical and feature a clear polycarbonate plastic or pyrex glass tank. A clear tank allows you to see the level of e-juice inside of a clearomizer. E-juice is delivered to the heating coil by ways of a silica wick. Some designs feature top heating coil with longer wicks, others have bottom placed heating coil with short wicks which allows for easier wick saturation.

3. Purchase the e-liquid.

The beauty of electronic cigarettes is being able to choose your nicotine level and tailor your vaping experience. You should always base your choice of eliquid strength based on what you smoke and NOT on how much or how many you smoke in a day. Look for the nicotine content stated on your cigarette pack / pouch. On pouches there may be more than 1 nicotine contact stated and this refers to the thickness that a roll up would normally be made. Choose an e-liquid with an mg nicotine strength as close to this as possible. 

What exactly 12mg or 24mg strengths mean for nicotine? It's basically the amount of nicotine in milligrams, for each millilitre of e-liquid, expressed as mg/ml (please note: some companies choose to represent this as a percent per solution, which is where you'll see 1.2% instead of 12mg/ml). 

Once you begin getting used to using -ecigarettes, we recommend slowly reducing the nicotine strength.

When it comes to choosing the flavour, the best thing to do is to ‘match’ it to your taste preferences. If you choose something that is so different from that which you are used to you may not enjoy the taste and remain unsatisfied, or simply just not enjoy it. So, if you smoke menthol cigarettes, choose one of the mint or menthol flavours… If you are smoke a branded cigarette choose a tobacco flavoured eliquid.