If you are new to vaping, you probably still have a lot of questions - it's only natural. Quitting smoking isn't easy and it's one of the biggest decisions in your life you'll ever have to make. E-cigs are claimed to be the best way to stop or at least cut down on the use of the tobacco products. Here are the most common questions answered to help you get started with electronic cigarettes! 

What is vaping?

Vaping, as defined by the Oxford dictionary is: Inhaling and exhaling the vapor produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device. Sounds pretty straight forward! But of course, there is more to it ...

Vaping is an alternative to smoking, only so much better - no bad smell and breath, no cigarette burns, dirty ashtrays and the most important of all adverse effects - less likelihood of getting cancer and other smoking - associated diseases. The name "vaping" is the name given to the use of a vaporizer. The process involves applying heat to a liquid which generates vapour. The user, called a vaper (smoker in traditional cigarette circles) gets their nicotine hit through inhaling the almost odourless vapour (smoking equivalent of ‘smoke’).

Is it cheaper than traditional cigarettes?

Christopher Snowdon from The Telegraph says: "If you can afford to smoke then you can afford to vape." He adds: "I estimate that my vaping habit costs around £30 a month, including occasional hardware upgrades. When I smoked, the cost was closer to £200 and that was only because I went abroad often enough to avoid UK duty. At current prices, a pack-a-day habit can cost up to £300 a month if you buy your cigarettes in Britain. "

With one bottle of e-liquid costing just £5 a 15-a-day smoker could be looking at a cost of just £20 a month. When switching to ecigs, aside from em ejuice, you will need to get a battery, clearomiser and a charger. The costs vary, but we are looking at roughly £20 - £25 for the whole set up. 

However, we are all different, and where most ex-smokers are happy with simple e-go batteries, others might actually enjoy regular upgrades or even using few different vaporizers at the same time (which means spending more). 

How to choose flavour & strength of e liquid?

The beauty of electronic cigarettes is being able to choose your nicotine level and tailor your vaping experience. You should always base your choice of eliquid strength based on what you smoke and NOT on how much or how many you smoke in a day. Look for the nicotine content stated on your cigarette pack / pouch. On pouches there may be more than 1 nicotine contact stated and this refers to the thickness that a roll up would normally be made. Choose an e-liquid with an mg nicotine strength as close to this as possible. 

What exactly 12mg or 24mg strengths mean for nicotine? It's basically the amount of nicotine in milligrams, for each millilitre of e-liquid, expressed as mg/ml (please note: some companies choose to represent this as a percent per solution, which is where you'll see 1.2% instead of 12mg/ml). 

Once you begin getting used to using -ecigarettes, we recommend slowly reducing the nicotine strength.

When it comes to choosing the flavour, the best thing to do is to ‘match’ it to your taste preferences. If you choose something that is so different from that which you are used to you may not enjoy the taste and remain unsatisfied, or simply just not enjoy it. So, if you smoke menthol cigarettes, choose one of the mint or menthol flavours… If you are smoke a branded cigarette choose a tobacco flavoured eliquid.

Are electronic cigarettes really the "healthier option"?

Ask any vaper and they’ll tell you how they feel as a result of switching from cigarettes to va[ing. The truth is though, we are still waiting for more extensive research to be done. E-cigarettes are such a new product, that long term research simply doesn’t exist yet. What we do know is e-cigarettes contain no cancer causing carcinogens and far less harmful constituents than that of regular cigarette smoke and tar. For some people, they work really well as replacements for cigarettes, and therefore can give any user the opportunity to cut back on the harmful smoke that cigarettes produce. In addition, using e-cigarettes eliminates secondhand smoke and is better for the environment and the people around you, in general.