Variable voltage/wattage electronic cigarettes essentially do exactly what their name suggests—they allow e-smokers to adjust the voltage or wattage of their vaping device. That way, they can achieve the vapor production and throat hit that they want. There are several things that can change your vape's performance.

e-Liquid is one of them. For example, tobacco, coffee and chocolate e-juice tend to taste better when exposed to more heat, while fruit e-juices like strawberry or peach often taste best with less heat. The temperature of the vapor, the flavor of the e-juice at certain temperatures, and the amount of vapor produced—these are all technical variables that can have a major impact on your overall vaping experience.

Variable voltage makes it possible to change the voltage of your device to achieve the vapor production, flavor and throat hit you want. The key benefit of variable-voltage electronic cigarettes is the fact that they produce more vapor than the small e-cigarettes most people buy when they start vaping.

Variable wattage allows you to set the power output of your device to from 3 watts to 15 watts. Once your preferred power output is set, the microprocessor will maintain that power output regardless of the cartomizer's resistance or ohm. That way, your preferred vape taste will remain the same whether you attach a 1.8 ohm cartomizer or a 2.4 ohm cartomizer.

Is variable voltage/wattage e-cigarette for me?

Using APV's (Advanced Personal Vaporizer) is recommended for experienced vapers. You don't want to end up buying one and deciding it's not for you, so it's better to start of with more basic kits. Also, if you are a light smoker or smoke light cigarettes, the throat hit in APV might be simply too strong for you.