Back in 2014, the Welsh Government's Health Minister Mark Drakeford announced proposal to ban on the use of e-cigarettes in enclosed public spaces, substantially enclosed public places, and places of work in Wales. Despite of joint efforts of many vapers and vaping advocates working alongside with the Welsh Assembly Members to call off the ridiculous idea, Welsh Government seems to be oblivious to the fact of making one of the biggest mistakes in the history of Wales. 

Why Welsh vaping ban doesn't make any sense?

Vaping is not smoking. Vaping is indeed the most effective way to quit or at least cut down on smoking. According to ASH Wales, there are around 100 000 ecig users in Wales - and all of them ex-smokers! The latest study from Yale University shows that banning the use of e-cigarettes can actually lead to smoking conventional cigarettes. The Welsh Government continiously fails to recognise the health benefits that come from vaping. The sad thing is that their blind obstinacy to obvious will only affect those who simply want to give up smoking. 

The second argument/excuse is that e-cigarettes are a "gateway" to tobacco use, particularly for young people. Prohibitionists often resort to gateway arguments when a ban cannot be justified on its own terms. Shaky at the best of times, they can easily be shown to be false in this instance. Yes, e-cigarette use has risen amongst young people in recent years - just like any other new product on the market - but this has not led to a consistent rise in smoking. On the other hand, the rise of vaping equals with a substantial decline in youth smoking.

Another thing that doesn't quite fit: the PHE's (Public Health England) ecig evidence review states that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking. Why regulate something that hardly poses any danger? Life does not exist without risks. Getting out of bed can be risky. Gardening can be risky. Playing football or rugby can be decidedly risky and driving can be outright dangerous. Nevertheless we never hear calls to regulate, control or even ban any of these activities, despite the known risks attached. The bottom line is that in our society – we respect the right of the citizen to choose what to do as long as it is legal and causes no harm to others. Unless of course you happen to be a vaper! 

We don't live in a dictatorship. Democracy and the rights of people are what we all believe as being sacrosanct. World wars have been fought to protect this fundamental tight. Our human rights are even deemed important enough to have them enshrined within EU law that encompass wide ranging freedoms of choice from religion through to sexuality. 

The ban will also mean that you could get into trouble if you are an e-cigarette user and work from home - after all, it is your workplace. Good luck with enforcing that!