Here at V-Revolution we have a simple mission, to help people stop smoking conventional tobacco cigarettes by offering an electronic cigarette alternative. 

But what are they? Well simply put an electronic cigarette (also known as an e-cig or vape device) is a unit that consists of a rechargable battery, a heating unit (or coil) a refillable atomiser (clearomiser or tank) and a drip tip (or mouthpiece) you then fill the atomiser with a flavoured e-liquid (sometimes called vape juice) and when a button is pressed the battery warms up the heating element which vapourises the e-liquid and releases a flavoured vapour to the user imitating the "hit" of inhaling smoke from a cigarette but without any of the tobacco or toxic nasties that cigarettes contain. Check out our user manuals and infographic by clicking here for a more detailed explanation.

Why choose V-Revolution to purchase my ecig from? We were the first physical electronic cigarette store in London, located in the prestigious Covent Garden area. We have a start of the art website where you can buy vapes, ecigarettes and eliquids online 24 hours a day 7 days a week at your convenience. We also ship throughout the World. 

So our aim is simple, to help smokers quit by offering a cheaper and safer alternative. We know it is difficult to stop smoking (most of us are ex smokers) so we have carefully selected the best products and accessories and painstakingly created a huge range of the best vape flavours (all made in Italy by us) which we offer to you in your quest to kick the habit!